Admission Arrangements


Information for Parents


How old is my child when they start Nursery?

Children are admitted to Nursery in the September of the school year in which they are 4 years old.


What do I do if I want my child to attend Nursery?

Parents or guardians wishing to enrol their child for Nursery are advised to contact the school in good time to place their child’s name on the waiting list. You can register your child for nursery from birth. You will need to bring with you your child’s birth certificate (long version) in order to do this.

Parents who accept a place for their child in Nursery will be invited to a meeting, where they will be given a date for them to start. Please also let us know if you change your address whilst still on the waiting list. Prospective parents/guardians are welcome to visit the school and should contact the Head teacher to make arrangements.


What do I do if I want my child to attend Reception?

Children are admitted to the Reception class in the September of the school year, in which they are 5 years old. The Local Authority (LA) allocate places for Reception Classes for all maintained schools and applications must be made online.


Please note that a place in the Nursery class does not automatically make the child eligible for a place in Reception. 


For children wishing to move school at any time, admissions are also controlled and allocated by the LA.  Please go to the Civic Centre for further information about transferring school.


Appeal Arrangements


The Local Authority (LA) allocates places for Reception Classes for all maintained schools.  Parents wishing to appeal against LA decisions may do so in accordance with appeal arrangements set out in the Oldham Council booklet, entitled ‘Starting Primary School’.