School Council

The school council is the entire school who help make changes for the foreseeable future. It is made up of all the pupils in the school. They make decisions to help the school to become the very best it could possible be. Not only is it part of the school, it is a community who want to achieve the best they possibly could. There will be other teams part of the school council to help set up things for the school. The children do meetings weekly to vote on what they want to choose for their own benefit and also to help the school until it exceeds it’s limits. Not only do they help the school, they make it a more enjoyable place for the future pupils.

How the meetings are run?

Every week (on a Wednesday), a question is put up on whether we should do something or get rid of something. For instance, “What new healthy snack would you like at the tuck-shop?”. In order to receive a question however, is to put down an action your class agrees on the week before. Now carrying on, each class must create groups, for instance let’s say 6 groups. Once created, the groups will have the option to vote on what options are available. So, if it was the question said previously, it could be: “Popcorn”, “Rice cakes”, “Fruit” and “Bread sticks”, then the students could vote on those. Whichever gets the most votes in the school, it will be acted upon by the action. After that, classes will have the option to add their own of what they want to happen or being added/removed from the school. Then the meeting is over and the next week the actions will be carried out and a new question/statement will be voted upon.


The Communication Team

Meet the communication team…


The communication team is a group of children who help the school and were and chosen by the school council to get their roles.They are most commonly known as the “head squad” as they have different tiers of roles. These roles include; head boy/girl, deputy head boy/girl and assistant head boy/girl. These children each have a specific job to fulfill. For example, who is writing this paragraph (myself) has the role of being a website updater where we write information about the school. Obviously, this would need help so we got a full team to do this. Another example is the school assembly helper who helps set up for the assembly. They help the school to become a greater place!



The Action Team

After the weekly meetings have been completed and an action has been decided on, the ACTION team has to do some work. Whatever had the most votes on the question that was asked, and what will be added, the action team has to ACT upon it! Moving onward, if for instance, the new action could be, that we want a new sport at lunchtime, then the action team has to acquire permission from the Principal (Mrs Leach), so they can know if they are allowed to do the action. Then the group of people, or person, has to try and figure out a way on how this is going to work. Once that is sorted and the action has been done, then it is time for another meeting before they can do another action.

The Communication team’s roles

Eshaal – Head girl –  Poster maker

Eshaal’s role is to create posters and advertise things that are happening around the school – one example is to create posters and advertise new refreshments being introduced into the school’s took shop.

Arhum – Head boy – Governor/Principal updater

Arhum’s role is to keep updated with the school principal and governors. He has meetings on occasions with the principal and is kept informed about what is happening.

Aleeza –  Deputy head girl – Smart school surgery

Working with Anniyah, Aleeza’s role is the school surgery and they wait for people to see what other pupils in the school would want. Their ideas would be acted upon and turned into the weekly school meeting question.

Mueen – Deputy Head Boy – Action Team Developer

Mueen’s role is to develop the school action team and make actions take place. He has already setup cricket for pupils in the school and is hoping to set up more things in the future.

Anniyah – Assistant Head Girl – Smart School Surgery

Working with Aleeza, Anniyah is the school surgery and they will ask people how to improve the school and the suggestions wanted will become one of the weekly questions of the school meetings.

Huzaifa – Assistant Head Boy – Assembly Director

Huzaifa’s role is to be an assembly leader in school and stand at the front to show what will happen in the following weekly assembly.

Sima – Assistant Head Girl – Progress Board Updater

In school, Sima has to change the progress board whenever something has happened and when any progress has been made in the school.

Ridhwan – Assistant Head Boy – Website Updater

Ridhwan’s role is to update the school website whenever something has happened or something about the school. He has a group of people who help him update the school and always keep people informed about any change that has been implemented into the school.