Freehold’s curriculum is planned to enable our pupils to be excited about their learning experiences and become resilient, respectful, honest and empathetic learners who show integrity. From the start of their learning journey, we focus on developing children’s basic skills and these continue to be promoted and developed at all times to ensure our pupils can access and flourish within the wider curriculum and are always prepared for their next stage of learning. We fully believe that the more children know, the easier it is to learn, so using the breadth of study as set out in the National Curriculum, we have identified key knowledge, skills and vocabulary that the children need to learn within every subject, across each year group. Key concepts are purposely revisited and built upon to deepen children’s understanding and support retention of knowledge.

To achieve this, we start every topic with a WOW event. This allows us to provide a variety of experiences for our children, that they would otherwise not have, and further develops their cultural capital. A further way in which we develop children’s experiences is through themed days/weeks and assemblies/Pause for Thought sessions, which focus on British Values, SMSC and/or current national and global issues or celebrations. Each topic is linked to quality texts (fiction, non-fiction and poetry) which allows us to provide cross curricular learning experiences which really broaden our pupil’s experiences and raise their aspirations.

To ensure children are engaged and motivated to learn, and that their starting points are considered, they are part of the planning and evaluation process. Children are given an opportunity to ask questions linked to what they would like to find out about, which then informs planning. Each year, children are also asked about what topics they enjoyed and whether they have any suggestions about how we can improve some topics less popular topics; this information is used to review our curriculum annually.

We believe it is vital that our children understand how they learn as well as knowing what they are learning, so through the use of Building Learning Power, children are able to develop their understanding of how to be a successful learner and make choices about how they learn best. We involve parents by sharing Homework Helpers; knowledge organisers which will ensure parents know exactly what their child is learning about and will support them in being able to help their child complete their challenges. We also collect parent views

linked to our curriculum during Sharing our Success afternoons where parents are invited to share curriculum experiences with the children.

Lessons across the curriculum are delivered using the ‘Learn it, Show it, Know It’ approach as described below:

‘Has it stuck?’ quizzes are used to assess whether children have remembered key knowledge and vocabulary. These are done at appropriate points in the year, after specific topics have been taught, so what children have really learnt and retained can be assessed.

At Freehold, we believe everyone is on their own learning journey and we hope our broad and balanced curriculum allows for every children to:

learn new knowledge and skills that will equip them for their future choices

develop a growth mindset which allows them to grasp new opportunities and raise their aspirations

identify and develop their interests and talents

fully achieve their individual potential