Year 3 – Lime

Year 3 – Lime


Year Ahead Meeting Overview – Year 3 – 2019


Year 3 Lime Timetable Autumn



Welcome to Year 3 Lime

My name is Miss Bannan and i’m the Year 3 Lime class Teacher. Please read the letter below that introduces myself and explains what we will be learning about this year.

Our Classroom Assistants are Miss Carroll and Miss Unsworth.

Transition Letter (1)


Guided Reading

Our Guided Reading will be based around the book ‘The Stone Age Boy’ this is linked to our current historical topic named ‘Who first lived in Britain?’



Our Maths this year will be based around the ‘Power Maths’ scheme of learning. Our first unit for the Autumn Term is ‘place value within 1,000’ please read the unit starter below that gives you a brief overview of all the objectives we will be covering.




During this term, the class will be producing a wide variety of writing, from things such as character descriptions to diaries. All our writing in class links to our quality text that we study in Guided Reading. As much as possible, we always try to link our writing to what we are studying in Topic lessons also.



We are really looking forward to teaching Year 3 this year and we have some very engaging and exciting topics that we will be exploring, including:


  • Autumn Term – Who first lived in Britain? (Stone Age- History)
  • Spring Term – Why do so many people go to France on their holidays? (Tourism – Geography)
  • Summer Term – What makes the Earth Angry? (Volcanoes- Geography )
  • Summer Term – Why were the Romans so powerful and what did we learn from them? (Romans – History)



In Science we will also have the opportunity to investigate topics such as:

  • Autumn Term – Rocks and Soils
  • Autumn Term – Keeping my body healthy
  • Spring Term – Light and Shadow
  • Summer Term – Magnets and Forces
  • Summer Term – Plants


Wow Events and Trips

 Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Year 3TopicStone Age (History)

Body (Science)

Rocks and Soils (Science)France (Geog)

Magnets and Forces (science)

Light / Shadow (Science)Romans (History)



Volcanoes and Earthquakes (Geog) Plants (Science)
TripStone Age Visitor


10th and 11th September



Make your own fossil planned by teachers


Teachers to arrange rocks exploration day – Making cakes / chocolate to represents different rocks



Teachers to arrange a French day / cafe– Block MFL lessons / food tasting / parent workshop


Shadow puppet work shop


9th and 10th March


 Roman Visitor



April 2020



Teachers to arrange volcanic explosions




Your PE day is Tuesday, please have your PE kit in school on that day. Below is an example of what your PE kit should look like.

Home Reading

Children are rewarded for reading at home. If you read with your child once a week they will receive a bronze certificate. If you read with your child three or more times a week they will receive a silver certificate. If you read with your child five or more times a week they will receive a gold certificate
Once children have read their books, they will complete a reading raffle ticket which will then go into a prize draw and winners from the raffle will be selected at the end of each term.

Do not miss out on the fabulous chance to come and read with your child in our school library in the mornings. Below you will find some information


Timetables practice sheets get sent home every Friday – tested the following Friday. The timetable practice sheets need to be returned the following Friday or any day before. Children will be tested on their timetables every Friday afternoon


Spellings test work on the same basis – Spelling books will be handed out every Friday with the spelling lists stapled in. Children will be tested the following Friday on their spellings

Topic Homework

Topic homework gets sent home at the beginning of each term and needs to be completed and sent back at the end of the term. This homework is based on the topics we are studying in History or Geography. The children will be given three pieces of homework throughout the year one for each term – Autumn , Spring and Summer. On the back of their homework, there is a knowledge mat that gives you all the information you will need to help you child successfully complete their topic homework and further aid their learning in topic lessons.

Sharing Our Success Afternoon


Year 3 Lime made a Pizza and a Fruit Salad for Mrs Leach during our sharing our success afternoon, it was great to have parents join us!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me either before or after school.